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General Information On Delaware Criminal Records
In Delaware, criminal records information remains available for those who would like to access it. The criminal records here do contain a good deal of information. They report on the crime reports, arrest records, minor charges, all convictions and all charges of misdemeanor crimes and felonies. For those that need to have access to this information, it will be important to know where to look to get accurate information. For those researching a specific crime, turn to the local agency in charge of investigations related to that crime. For those looking for information related to a person's background, the best option is the State Bureau of Identification.
For those needing access to Delaware criminal records, one of the best resources is the State Police. These records are available to the public. However, not all records can be searched for and obtained in this way. Older records may not be available in a digital format. In other cases, the information required may not be available due to the age or the sensitive nature of the crime.
In most situations, Delaware criminal records are available through the Delaware State Police. To obtain this information, contact the respective court from which the incident occurred – if the goal is to find information about the individual incident. However, for those who wish to obtain a record of the individual's total criminal record, it may become somewhat difficult. To perform a background check including criminal background information, the following address is used.
State Bureau of Investigation
PO Box 430
Dover, Delaware 19903
It is also possible to obtain access through the State of Delaware's Police Department. This type of search will provide information only on misdemeanor and felony charges and convictions. It is not possible to get these records unless you have due cause. This may include the potential hiring of the individual or information related to the individual's history that he or she provides a waiver for.
Other data may be available through third party databases. For example, those who commit and are found guilty of sexual violations will be listed in the state's Sexual Offender Central Registry. To gain access to this, individuals should turn to local law enforcement offices or the same address listed above. It is possible to contact this agency by phone with this type of request as well. Call 302 672-5306. Keep in mind that this information is kept up to date on the individual's sexually oriented crimes only.
Gathering Delaware criminal records can take some time, but it is very possible to find this information. To do so, individuals need to know as much information about the person as possible including his or her full, legal name, address, date of birth and Social Security number. In instances of background checks for employment requirements, the best access will be available if the individual provides a waiver providing his or her consent to seek out these records. Individuals who would like to see and verify their own criminal records search in Delaware can do so at the previously mentioned addresses.
Delaware Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    Carvel State Office Bldg
    820 N French St, 6th Fl
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    p (302) 577-8400
    f (302) 577-6630
  • Criminal Records

    State Bureau of Identification
    PO Box 430
    Dover, DE 19903-0430
    p (302) 739-2134
    f (302) 739-5888
  • Incarceration Records

    245 McKee Rd
    Dover, DE 19904
    p (302) 857-5490
    f (302) 739-7486
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender Central Registry
    Sex Offender Central Registry
    Dover, DE 19903-0430
    p (302) 672-5306
    f (302) 739-5888

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