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General Information On Connecticut Criminal Records
Connecticut criminal records provide information about a person's actions that result in a charge, trial and conviction of the individual. Information contained on these records will also include information on charges dropped or those situations in which an individual was exonerated or found not guilty. However, every situation is very different. Those who are seeking information related to any criminal record in Connecticut will need to show just cause for accessing the information. It is also important to know which sources are available for obtaining this information.
One of the most common uses for Connecticut criminal records is as a part of a background check to clear an individual for employment. The state's criminal records remain open to the public in most instances. The information contained on these reports includes misdemeanor charges, felonies and all convictions related to the individual. Items like driving records may also be included in these records. For those that need to gain a copy of such records, it is necessary to obtain them from the proper source, usually a local police department, county office or state affiliated correction facility. Some databases online can help as well.
The state merged its superior court and the court of common pleas in the last 1970's and at that time, records began being put together. However, it would be a decade longer before these records were put into databases connected online. That is what makes it easier to find this information. Older criminal records may not be available through common online searches – not all data was transfers to these databases. Rather, it will be important for those seeking older records to turn to paper files on hand at the local jurisdictions.
Individuals and businesses that wish to gain access to Connecticut criminal records can do s through the Department of Public Safety. It is possible to download a criminal history record form from the State of Connecticut Police Website and then mail this information to the Public Safety facility along with a money order to pay for the service. This administrative fee currently is $50. To get this information, visit the following address or mail the form directly.
The Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Identification
111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
It is also possible to contact the State Criminal Repository for most record searches. To do that, you will need to call the facility at 860 685-8480. This process can take some time to complete since not all records are immediately available.
Overall Connecticut criminal records are available to the public and to businesses. It is not possible to access most records for those who are 18 years of age or younger, though. The courts do have the ability to expunge data from criminal records or to restrict access to it, especially if the data is considered private or sensitive in some way. Most other types of criminal records can be searched through various databases and are in use to compile complete histories of the actions of others.
Connecticut Criminal Records
  • Criminal Records

    Bureau of Identification
    1111 Country Club Rd
    Middletown, CT 064576457
    p (860) 685-8480
    f (860) 685-8361
  • Incarceration Records

    Public Information Office
    24 Wolcott Hill Rd
    Wethersfield, CT 061096109
    p (860) 692-7780
    f (860) 692-7783
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender Registry Unit
    PO Box 2794
    Middletown, CT 06757-9294
    p (860) 685-8060
    f (860) 685-8349

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