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General Information On California Criminal Records
Finding California criminal records can prove to be a challenge in some situations. With 58 counties and with just as many trial courts in the state, numerous databases store this information. Those who wish to gather this information will need to invest the time into comparing the records at each one of these locations. However, most criminal records are available to the public. With information about the person's name, address and Social Security number (if possible) individuals and businesses can track down the records of most in the state.
For those that work in the state of California, it is commonplace for businesses to perform employment verification checks or criminal records checks prior to hiring an individual. Individuals can also check his or her own record to ensure that the data contained on it is accurate. In situations where errors do occur, the individual can report those errors to the court reporting the information and request for an appeal. Not all of these records are available for public viewing, though.
For those who wish to order their own California criminal record, the fee for doing so is currently $25, though this can change. The fee is paid to the Department of Justice. In addition to making this request, individuals must also have a live fingerprint scan done at the time of the request. This helps for verification of the individual's identity. You can have this done at most local, county and state courts and police departments. You can then request a copy of your criminal record at that time.
For individuals who are looking for California records but do not live in the state, it is possible to conduct such a search. To do so, individuals will need to contact the following address in writing to request information. You will need to provide as much information about the criminal record holder as is possible, including a full, legal name, age, date of birth and address.
California Department of Justice
Record Review Unit
PO Box 903417
Sacramento, California 94203
For employment related California criminal records, the laws are varied. The state does not allow employers to ask potential employees about any type of charges in which the applicant was arrested but was not charged or convicted of the crime.
There are many records available to the public, including the Sexual Offender Program List, available at the following address:
Sexual Offender Program
PO Box 903387
Sacramento, California 94203
You can contact this registry at 916 227-4974. It is a good idea to include as much information as possible. California criminal records can answer numerous questions about a person's past, but they are not always possible to access. For example, all sealed records or those containing restricted access, including juvenile records, are not available to the public for searches. Individuals who need information from any criminal record should seek out numerous databases to compare the available information. It is a good idea to use various sources to verify this information as well.
California Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    Justice Department
    PO Box 944255
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
    p (916) 445-9555
    f (916) 323-5341
  • Criminal Records

    Records Security Section
    PO Box 903417
    Sacramento, CA 94203-4170
    p (916) 227-3460
    f (916) 227-4815
  • Incarceration Records

    Corrections & Rehabilitation ID Unit
    PO Box 942883
    Sacramento, CA 94283-0001
    p (916) 445-7682
    f (916) 327-1988
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sexual Offender Program
    PO Box 903387
    Sacramento, CA 94203-3870
    p (916) 227-4974
    f (916) 227-4345

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