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General Information On Arkansas Criminal Records
The search for Arkansas criminal records remains one of the most important steps individuals and businesses can take to learn whom they are dealing with in virtually any circumstance. For the most part, criminal records in the state of Arkansas are available for searching. The process involves locating the proper database and then performing a search based on the person's name, Social Security number of other identifying information. Criminal records provide information related only to the criminal (not civil) litigation an individual has gone through over his or her lifetime. Having access to that information is limited in many situations.
In Arkansas, criminal records can provide answers to many questions. One of the most common times to access these records is when attempting to learn a person's criminal background prior to employing that person. An employment background check will reveal information about all criminal activities and driving violations he or she has been convicted of in the state of Arkansas. This includes all minor crimes, misdemeanors, driving violations and felony charges.
In order to gain access to this information, it is possible to use form ASP 122 from the State Police to gain access. In order to do this, the individual, who is usually a business planning to hire an individual, will need to get a signed waiver from the individual approving of the search. You can then mail this form to the proper location at the Identification Bureau of the Arkansas State Police. You will generally get information and a copy of the record within two weeks.
A secondary option for obtaining an Arkansas criminal record search is through the Arkansas Crime Information Center. You can contact this agency or use a database to perform this search. In general, it is possible to gain access to information if you can prove a valid reason for doing so, such as an employment background check. To do so, contact the agency at the following address:
Arkansas Crime Information Center
One Capitol Mall
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
It is possible to get more information by contacting the agency at the following phone number: 501 682-2222. This records search can take some time to complete.
A better option for most people is to use the resources available online. Various organizations do offer searches for Arkansas criminal records, but you may have to pay an administrative fee. The cost for this type of service will be nominal as it is an administrative fee.
Not all records in the state are available. For those situations deemed confidential, restricted or sealed, it will not be possible to find this information in any search. It is possible to find some information through approved searches through some local corrections facilities. Juvenile records, for those under the age of 18, are often sealed and do not become available in the state after the individual turns 18. For most other Arkansas criminal records, a thorough search requires using local, county and state resources and databases to find the information.
Arkansas Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    1275 W Washington
    Phoenix, AR 85007
    p (602) 542-5025
  • Criminal Records

    Applicant Team One
    PO Box 18430//Mail Code 2250
    Little Rock, AR 85005-8430
    p (602) 223-2223
    f (602) 223-2972
  • Incarceration Records

    Records Supervisor
    PO Box 8707
    Pine Bluff, AR 71611-8707
    p (870) 267-6424
    f (870) 267-6999
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sexual Offender Registry
    One Capitol Mall, 4D200
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    p (501) 682-7441
    f (501) 682-2269

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