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General Information On Arizona Criminal Records
Obtaining Arizona criminal records can help to answer many questions an individual has. Criminal records are documents housed in various databases that contain information about an individual's criminal history. This may include any instances in which the individual was charged with or found guilty of a crime. In the state of Arizona, all minor, misdemeanor and felony charges are maintained for use in various circumstances. In some instances, it is possible for individuals to get copies of these records.
In Arizona, criminal records have been kept for numerous years. Since the advent of the computer system, it has become far easier for people to learn about the criminal activities of others because it is now possible to search some of the most common databases. The public use of some reports is possible, but this will depend on the type of record sought. The Arizona Department of Public Safety remains in control of most documentation about individual's criminal records.
To gather Arizona criminal records, individuals should first start with a search of the information through the Arizona Corrections Records. This location holds records for the state from the corrections offices throughout it. You can visit in person, use online request services or contact the agency by phone.
Arizona Department of Corrections
Central Office
1601 West Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
It is possible to contact the agency over the phone as well. To do so, call 602 542-5497. You may not be able to gather this information over the phone but you may be able to get additional information regarding your request.
Aside from this resource, there are other ways to gather information about Arizona criminal records. It is possible to contact the Attorney's General's office in some situations. In most cases, though, the best resource will be the most local option available. Local cities in the state house their own criminal records for actions occurring in the city. Counties have criminal records for both driving violations and for property violations, as well as some criminal records associated with county jails. For state related offenses, or for most federal offenses, the Department of Corrections is the best resource for finding this information.
The State of Arizona Department of Public Safety provides information about the overall criminal records. This facility allows for searching for those who have been taken into custody at any level since 1985. With more than 112,000 inmate files on hand, it is possible to find a great deal of information here. The information is gathered and reorganized on a weekly basis.
For those searching for Arizona criminal records, keep in mind that the state does not permit any sealed records, including those of juveniles to be released to the public. This information is kept on file any only available if a judge orders the information released. For most other criminal records searches, the information is available and can be found through a process of conducting several searches through various state, local, county and even federal databases. The more details you have of the action, the more likely you will be to find the information you need.
Arizona Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    1275 W Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    p (602) 542-5025
    f (602) 542-4085
  • Criminal Records

    Applicant Team One
    PO Box 18430//Mail Code 2250
    Phoenix, AZ 85005-8430
    p (602) 223-2223
    f (602) 223-2972
  • Incarceration Records

    Records Department
    1601 W. Jefferson St
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    p (602) 542-5586
    f (602) 542-3965
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender Compliance
    PO Box 6638//Mail Code 9999
    Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638
    p (602) 255-0611
    f (602) 223-2949

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