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General Information About Wyoming Court Records and Laws
 Wyoming court records can be rather revealing. You will be able to find out if someone has been through a divorce, if there are any pending legal cases against him or her or if they have a criminal past. Wyoming may be a small state, but the information that you can find by searching through court records in this state is quite considerable. If you need to access Wyoming court records, you have a number of options available to you.
 A Personal Visit
One way that you can go about requesting access to Wyoming court records is by contacting the clerk's office at the courthouse where the case in question took place. Each court collects, maintains and distributes their own records, so if the Wyoming court records you need are not at the first place you go, you may have to figure a little travel time and expense into your search. For this reason, it is best to know the location where the case was heard before you get started with your search for Wyoming court records.
Virtual Records Search
If you are interested in gaining access to Wyoming court records, you may do so by going through the official website for the U.S. District Court of Wyoming. On this website, you will find an amazing tool known as the Electronic Court Records PACER System. For a nominal fee, you may use this system to look for the Wyoming court records that you need.
Another place to find Wyoming court records over the Internet is the website for the Clerk's Office of the Wyoming Supreme Court. When you get to this website, simply use the Wyoming Appellate Case Management System search engine to locate the information you need.
The Wyoming Court Administration maintains records for the circuit courts, the district courts and the Supreme Court.
A Better Understanding
One of the best ways to reduce the time and expense of searching for Wyoming court records is to take the time to learn about the trial court system in the state. This system is made up of circuit courts, district courts and municipal courts, serving the residents of Wyoming.
The district courts in this state have general jurisdiction over all types of cases, yet usually only hear those that fall out of the scope of other court's jurisdiction. The district courts handle criminal cases, such as misdemeanors and felonies. In addition, the Wyoming district courts also handle civil cases related to general claims, probate cases, juvenile cases and domestic relations.
The circuit courts in the state of Wyoming also hear both criminal and civil cases. The civil cases heard by the circuit courts are those that include general claims that are valued at less than $7,000. These courts are also responsible for small claims, property disputes between tenants and landowners as well as domestic violence protection orders. The criminal cases that are heard by the Wyoming circuit courts include a number of misdemeanors, such as ordinance violations and traffic violations.
If you need to find information pertaining to specific Wyoming court records, it is pertinent that you take the time to educate yourself on the structure of the court system. Once you have the basic information on your case and you know where to begin looking, the process should go smoothly.
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