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General Information About Washington Court Records and Laws
If you are looking for Washington court records, you are in luck. The legal system in the state of Washington is one of the easiest court systems in the nation to access online. The information related to court cases in this state is readily available, ranging from simple outlines to detailed accounts of court proceeding. The Washington Administrative Code and the Revised Code of Washington are the laws in the state that make it possible to access the information you need online.
Accessing Washington Court Records
You have a legal right to view Washington court records, according to the Public Records Act in that state. For details, you can refer to Chapter 42, Section 56 of the Revised Code of Washington.
You are entitled to review and request a copy of a large number of public records in the state of Washington, according to the Public Records Act in that state. However, the Public Records Law does not apply to the state courts, nor does it apply to the state legislature.
How to Access Washington Court Records
You have a right, although not the absolute right, to view and copy most documents and records that are filed with the Washington court system. A court may choose to seal certain Washington court records under specific circumstances.
In most cases, you can find the records that you want by going to the courthouse where the case took place and filing a request in writing with the court clerk. You can visit the official website of the Washington Judiciary for contact information and web addresses for the state's courts.
As an alternative, you may be able to search for the Washington court records that you need online. Visit the websites for the local courts to find out if online access to their records is available. Most of the courts that provide online access offer access to docket sheets, but it is not likely that you will be able to access any documents filed with the court.
Generally, you will be able to access the pleadings, motions, orders and decisions made during a lawsuit. You may also obtain access to hearing transcripts, evidence introduced by either side of the court as well as a number of other details within Washington court records.
Each court in the state can only provide you access to their records, and the procedure for requesting Washington records varies from one court to the next. However, most of the courts have the same rule when it comes to highly sensitive materials that you may not have access to, such as mental health records, rehabilitation treatment records and adoption records. In addition, some records are restricted, such as the cases that relate to family law. In order to access these records, you must file a motion and declaration to allow access to records under GR 22(h) (2).
You do not have to tell the person running the counter where the records are stored a reason for requesting Washington court records. Therefore, you cannot be denied access to the records that you seek based solely on how you plan to use the information that you acquire.
Washington Court Records
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    Legislative Information Center
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