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General Information About Utah Court Records and Laws
Five primary judicial venues make up the court system that serves the state of Utah, including district courts, justice courts, juvenile courts, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Utah court records are kept for all kinds of cases, both criminal as well as civil cases.
Public and Non-Public Utah Court Records
Most of the records filed with the district courts of Utah, as well as those filed with the justice courts, are deemed public records. This means that anyone who makes a request has the right to review and copy such records. In fact, much of the public court records kept are available through the court's website.
However, some Utah court records are considered private, meaning that only the parties involved in the case, their attorneys and a few select others may view or copy certain records. In addition, some records are protected, which means only parties relevant to the case, their legal representation and limited others may view the records.
Cases that are usually considered non-public Utah court records are those that contain information related to cases involving adoption, guardianship or conservatorship. You will not be able to review or copy home studies, custody evaluations or medical records.
Utah court records may be completely sealed or only parts of the files may be kept confidential. For example, you will not be able to find social security numbers, driver's license numbers, account numbers, the names and birthdates of minors or contact information.
Restricted Access to the Other Party
In some cases, even private Utah court records are made available to anyone related to the case. However, it may be necessary to protect someone's safety by keeping their home address private from the other party involved in the case.
Even still, it is only possible to request information be kept for the other party in cases that relate to a support order, a custody order, a parentage order, a stalking junction or a protective order.
The home address will be on file with the court because it may be required by the constable or deputy sheriff to serve papers. However, the information will not be shared with other parties involved in the case or with the public.
Where to Obtain Utah Court Records
Court contact information, court rules, court calendars and court opinions are examples of the type of information maintained by the Utah Court Administrator, including information collected by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.
If you are interested in gaining access to Utah court records through the Utah Court Administrator, you may do so by following links provided on the official website of the Utah State Court. You can search for public court records, including appellate dockets, archived court records and district court records. You can also go to Utah's XChange online database to search for district court records.
Online resources for Utah court records pertaining to the Supreme Court include a docket search, an oral arguments calendar in addition to an archive of court opinions. The same information is also available from the Court of Appeals.
Utah Court Records
  • Legislation Records

    Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
    W210 State Capitol Complex
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114
    p (801) 538-1588
    f (801) 326-1622
  • Statewide Court Records

    PO Box 140241
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0241
    p (801) 578-3800
    f (801) 578-3859

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