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General Information About Oregon Court Records and Laws
 The state of Oregon believes strongly in the idea of responsibility in government. For this reason, they have created the Open Government Law, which is a law that requires the release of public records. This includes Oregon court records, which are accumulated by the government agencies throughout the state.
According to the law in this state, the majority of the information that is collected by the government agencies is to be made open to the public for review. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, criminal case file that contain information that could compromise an ongoing investigation, information on real estate transactions that could compromise negotiations or any other personal information that is considered by the government to be a violation of privacy.
The definition of personal privacy is somewhat vague, so that means that Oregon court records are full of details about residents and companies in the state, including information that you may need if you are performing a background check, verifying someone's identity and much more.
Oregon court records are stored in a vast database of information that you may find quite valuable for a number of different reasons. No matter if you are searching for specific information or simply looking to determine how much data is available, Oregon court records contain a considerable amount of data that my prove to be valuable to your purpose.
 Understanding the Oregon Court System
Each state in this country has its own unique court structure, which you need to understand fully if you need Oregon court records.
At first glance, the Oregon court system may seem complicated and extensive; however, it essentially boils down to four courts on three different levels. Starting on the bottom level, you will find a number of circuit courts. At the top, you have the Oregon Supreme Court. In the middle of the Oregon court system, you will find the tax court and the Court of Appeals.
Generally, the circuit courts in the state of Oregon are broke down into various divisions in order to handle many different case types. These divisions of circuit court include family court, drug court, small claims court and juvenile court.
The civil cases that are heard in the circuit courts are typically those that involve domestic relations and claims. Some criminal cases are heard at the civil courts in Oregon, such as preliminary hearings, felony cases and capital murder. In addition, Oregon circuit courts also have a special commercial court that is in charge of cases that arise out of business disputes.
Most of the time, you can expect to find the Oregon court records that you need by filing a request with the circuit court in the county where the case was heard. Often times, you can find court transcripts and information on pending cases by searching online. You can also find information on the opinions of the court. If you need to find information relating to a case that was heard in tax court, you may be able to find what you are looking for in the Oregon Tax Reports.
Oregon Court Records
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