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General Information About Oklahoma Court Records and Laws
Finding the information that you need is a great deal easier these days due to the public's access to Oklahoma court records. Although you will not be granted access to some information, such as social security numbers, you will benefit from the right to use to Oklahoma court records that are available, including files related to divorce cases and criminal histories.
Best of all, finding Oklahoma court records is easier than ever, thanks to the number of records that are now available online. Just as you would order any other products or services over the Internet, it is now possible to get the court records you need as well. The ability to request Oklahoma court records right from the comfort of your home computer will make it easy to narrow your search and speed up the entire process.
Oklahoma court records are vast and can provide you with an abundance of crucial information that you can find useful for a number of different causes. If you want to gain access to court records in this state, you only need to know where to go. Having the right information will considerably reduce the amount of time and money you spend tracking down the Oklahoma court records that you seek.
The Administrative Office of the Courts
The administrative arm of the state court system in Oklahoma is the Administrative Office of the Courts. This office has a responsibility to provide comprehensive information related to the Oklahoma court system. In addition, the administrative office is also in charge of maintaining up-to-date information associated with commissions, programs and legal forms.
It is easy to gain access to Oklahoma court records when you go through the Administrative Office of the Court. This office has devised a statewide system that makes it possible to track down information related to the courts by making it available in real item over the Internet.
The Oklahoma court records that you can access through the Oklahoma Administrative Offices of the Court include records from the:
·         District Courts
·         The Court of Civil Appeals
·         The Court of Criminal Appeals
·         The Supreme Court
The court system in the state of Oklahoma is unique in comparison to the judicial systems in other states because it has not one, but two courts of last resort. In addition to the seventy-seven district courts in the state, a Court of Civil Appeals and the Supreme Court, the Oklahoma court system also includes a Court of Civil Appeals.
The Court of Criminal Appeals shares some of the load at the top of the court system in Oklahoma. The Supreme Court in this state only hears civil appeals. Therefore, criminal appeals in the state of Oklahoma are overseen by the Court of Criminal Appeals.
When you make up your mind to search for Oklahoma court records, it is a good idea first to collect as much information related to your case as possible. For example, if you have a name, citation number and case number, it is much easier to track down all of the court files, forms and other documentation that you need.
Oklahoma Court Records
  • Legislation Records

    State Capitol
    Bill Status Info-Rm B-30, Copies-Rm 310
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    p (405) 521-5642
    f (405) 521-5507
  • Statewide Court Records

    1915 N Stiles, #305
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    p (405) 521-2450
    f (405) 521-6815

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