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General Information About Ohio Court Records and Laws
If you have found yourself with a need to search for Ohio court records, then you need some sort of understanding about the structure of the Ohio court system. The court system in this state is made up of county courts, the court of common pleas, municipal courts, the court of claims and the mayor's court.
Defining Ohio Courts
The court of common pleas hears cases of all types because they have general jurisdiction. However, the other courts in the state have limited jurisdiction, including county courts, the mayor's courts and municipal courts. Certain civil cases that have been made against the state of Ohio fall under the jurisdiction of the court of claims.
The cases that fall out of the jurisdiction of the other courts are heard by the court of common pleas, including both criminal as well as civil cases. The case of common pleas is made up of a number of divisions, including domestic relations division, general division and probate division.
The county courts in the state of Ohio are responsible for civil cases that involve claims that do not exceed $15,000, which typically includes contract cases and disputes over personal property. In addition, these courts also hear a number of criminal cases, such as preliminary hearings associated with felony cases, misdemeanors and parking violations.
The jurisdiction of the municipal courts is quite similar to that of the county courts. The municipal courts hear civil cases that involve less than $15,000, in addition to criminal cases like traffic violations, ordinance violations and preliminary hearings for felony cases. In some regions of the state, the municipal court will have an environmental division, which handles relevant cases.
The mayor's court handles civil case that involve claims of less than $3,000, as well as criminal case like ordinance violations. It is important to note that mayor's courts are not courts of record, but play an important role in dealing with lesser cases to take some of the load off the judges and higher courts in the state.
The judicial system in Ohio is topped off by the Supreme Court, but the heart of the system is the courts of appeal and the other lower courts. If you are interested in specific Ohio court records, you are likely to find what you are looking for in the lesser courts of the state.
Obtaining Ohio Court Records
It is your legal right to obtain access and copy most Ohio court records and documents filed in the state. However, you may discover that not all court records are open to the public, as the court may order certain records sealed under a limited number of proven circumstances, such as the involvement of a minor or information that may risk harm to witnesses or others involved in the case.
The best way to find Ohio court records is to contact the clerk's office in the courthouse where the case was heard. You can find contact information for the various courts by visiting the official website of the Ohio Judiciary.
In addition, you may also be able to find the Ohio court records that you seek by performing a search on the Internet. A large number of documents filed by the Ohio Supreme Court are available online. However, records are not available for every case, but you will be able to see the cases that were filed. You can also access the appellate courts and some county courts online.
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