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General Information About New York Court Records and Laws
One of the largest states in the country, and easily one of the most notorious, is the state of New York. Some of the most innovative businesses and most interesting people in the world can be found in New York. Just imagine the plethora of information that can be learned by searching New York court records.
Fortunately, New York court records are available for public review. In fact, without access to these records, finding the information you seek on businesses and individuals in the state would be a rather sizable chore.
Contained Within New York Court Records
So, what exactly can you find out by searching through New York court records? The depth of court records available in this state is substantial. The state law in New York requires for most of the information collected to be made available to the public. Some of the information you may find when you search New York court records includes:
·         Criminal records
·         Divorce records
·         Contract dispute records
These are but a few of the details that you will find, many more statistics, documents and facts can be found through an in depth records search. Mounds of data have been collected by the New York court system. Accessing New York court records makes it easy to find the information that you seek.
However, there are a number of exceptions to the rule of public records. For example, you are not likely to be allowed to view New York court records that pertain to family court cases, some matrimonial records, criminal cases where the defendant was found to be not guilty, civil commitment records and adoption records. In addition, if the court finds good reason to do so, it may order certain New York court records sealed, which means they will not be available for public review.
How to Obtain New York Court Records
The New York Office of Court Administration, a valuable part of the New York State Unified Court System, has the responsibility of overseeing the four judicial departments and thirteen judicial districts within the state. Some of the information maintained by this office includes, publications, law libraries, e-courts and a press center
In order to gain access to New York court records, you can simply search through the eCourt system of the Office of Court Administration. This database offers free information on case from the local civil courts as well as the civil supreme court. You should be able to find information pertaining to both active as well as disposed cases.
The Office of Court Administration maintains New York court records from the appellate division of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, district courts, surrogate courts, county courts, the Court of Claims and family courts. In order to speed up the search process, you should collect as much information related to the New York court records that you seek ahead of time. For example, you can narrow your search if you know the name of the persons involved in the case, the date the case took place and the location of the courthouse that heard the case.
New York Court Records
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