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General Information About New Mexico Court Records and Laws
The judicial system in New Mexico is one of the most diverse systems in the United States. Locations specific courts, broad jurisdiction courts, and topic specific courts with very limited jurisdiction in New Mexico all come together in order to dispense justice throughout the state. If you seek New Mexico court records, you should be aware of a few things to ensure you get started off on the right foot.
Understanding the Courts of New Mexico
The judicial system of New Mexico is made up of municipal courts, metropolitan courts, probate courts, district courts and magistrate courts.
New Mexico district courts have general jurisdiction over all types of criminal and civil cases. The district courts typically hear cases that fall out of the jurisdictions of the other courts in the state. This court also hears probate cases, domestic relations cases and cases of juvenile delinquency. In addition, all district courts in the state of New Mexico have a Children's Court, which is responsible for taking care of any court cases that involve juveniles and minors.
Both the magistrate courts and the metropolitan courts in New Mexico have limited jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases. Whether or not a metropolitan court is assembled depends on the size of the county.
Civil cases involving claims that total less than $10,000, such as those associated with tenant and property owner disputes or other contract disputes, are heard by the metropolitan courts. The criminal cases heard by these courts include preliminary felony hearings and misdemeanors. Usually, the magistrate courts hear criminal cases that involve petty misdemeanors and ordinance violations.
Obviously, matters of probate go through the probate courts, such as case involving trusts, guardianship, wills and estates. While the municipal courts in the state oversees court cases that involve municipal ordinance violations. In addition, the New Mexico court system also includes an independent tribal court.
If you are interested in finding specific New Mexico court records, then it is important to collect as much information as possible before you begin in order to keep you search as simple as possible. For example, if you know the date of birth for the person's records you need to see and the court where the case was heard, you will be much better off than if you have to start from scratch with just the person's name.
Where to Find New Mexico Court Records
You may obtain access to New Mexico court records by going to the Case Lookup section of the Judicial Branch of Mexico official website. It is easy to review New Mexico court records electronically using this handy tool.
New Mexico court records are also available by going through the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts. Using this method, you should be able to track down court records from the state's Supreme Court, district courts, Court of Appeals, magistrate courts, probate courts and municipal courts.
Records maintained by the Office of the Courts include legal forms, court websites, and information regarding court programs and services, as well as all other New Mexico court records. Contact the court clerk in the jurisdiction where the case you are investigating took place to obtain further details.
New Mexico Court Records
  • Legislation Records

    State Capitol Bldg
    Room 411
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    p (505) 986-4600
    f (505) 986-4610
  • Statewide Court Records

    Judicial Information Division
    2905 Rodeo Park Dr East, Bldg #5
    Santa Fe, NM 87505
    p (505) 476-6900
    f (505) 476-6952

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