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General Information About New Hampshire Court Records and Laws
New Hampshire court records can provide you with a great deal of information, including someone's date of birth, whether they have ever changed their name or been married as well as details regarding their criminal background. With access to New Hampshire court records, you will be able to find and verify more information about someone that you ever thought possible.
The court system in New Hampshire is made up of five primary judicial venues, in addition to a brand new branch of legal services to offer mediation and arbitration of disputes outside of a traditional setting within a courtroom.
About New Hampshire Courts
No matter what type of information you are searching for, the more details you have when you begin the better off you will be. Therefore, in order to know which division of the judicial system you need to search for the New Hampshire court records that you need, you need to understand the state's court system.
In New Hampshire, the trail court system consists of district courts, superior courts, probate courts and family courts. The superior courts have general authority over all types of cases; however, they typically only hear the cases that fall beyond the jurisdiction of the other courts in the state.
For trials by jury, the cases are forwarded to the superior courts. In New Hampshire, the superior courts hear civil cases that involve a monetary amount that is more than $25,000. The superior courts share jurisdiction on some cases with other courts in the system. For example, the superior courts share jurisdiction with the family courts on case that pertain to domestic relations.
Criminal cases that involve a fine that is $2,000 or a year of imprisonment, or both, are heard by the district courts in the state of New Hampshire. In addition, the district courts usually hear cases that involve misdemeanors and ordinance violations. An example of the types of civil cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the district courts of New Hampshire include disputes between tenants and landlords, family disputes and matters that involve juveniles.
Matters involving estate division, guardianship, administration, wills and trusts are dealt with by the probate courts. Family courts are only available in some regions of the state, but typically have exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving domestic relations in those areas.
Accessing New Hampshire Court Records
Information pertaining to court rules, lawyer resources, court documents and reports, media information, judicial performance, committees and budget documentation is retained by the Administrative Office of the Courts.
If you are interested in obtaining New Hampshire court records, you need to file a written request with the division of the court where the case in question was heard. All New Hampshire court records are available for inspection through the clerk's office in the courthouse that has control over the court records that you seek.
You can find the New Hampshire court records that you need by contacting the clerk working in the Supreme Court, the district court, the family court, the probate court as well as the superior court.
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