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General Information About Missouri Court Records and Laws
Just like every other state in the county, Missouri maintains court records. Even though Missouri court records are accessible by the general public, finding the exact court records that you can be a rather time consuming and daunting task. Thanks to the Internet, more people than ever are able to find the information that they need.
It would be wonderful if you could simply type "Missouri court records" into your favorite search engine and find exactly what you want. Unfortunately, you will be left short of what you need, if you choose this is the method to find Missouri court records.
The truth is that in order to find court records, you first need to know a little bit about court. Take the time to determine the structure of the Missouri court system, and then you will know exactly where you need to go to find the information you seek.
Getting To Know Missouri Courts
The Missouri Judiciary is made up of three different levels of court. There are trial courts, which are also recognized as circuit courts. Then you have the Missouri Court of Appeals, which is the intermediate appellate court in the state, and of course, there is the Supreme Court of Missouri.
Circuit Courts
The primary trial courts in the state of Missouri are known as circuit courts. The circuit courts hold general jurisdiction over the majority of criminal and civil cases. A court is located in every county in Missouri, and those courts are divided into forty-five regional circuits.
Each circuit court in the state of Missouri is made up of a number of various divisions, such as:
·         Associate circuit
·         Circuit
·         Criminal
·         Family
·         Juvenile
·         Municipal
·         Small claims
·         Probate
Each case heard by the district court is assigned to a particular division depending on the type of case that is presented.
Missouri Court of Appeals
Three regional districts make up the Missouri Court of Appeals; they are eastern, western and southern. Anyone who is not satisfied with the circuit court's decision can file an appeal.
Appeals are heard by a panel consisting of three judges at the Court of Appeals in the appropriate region. All cases that are appealed from the circuit courts in Missouri go to the Court of Appeals. However, there are sometime cases that are sent directly to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court of Missouri
The highest court in the state is the Supreme Court of Missouri, which has supervisory authority over all of the courts in Missouri. In fact, the Supreme Court adopts the rules for procedure and practice for the courts in the state.
As a matter of right, the Supreme Court must review specific case categories, according to the state constitution. Otherwise, the Supreme Court will only hear cases that have been transferred from the Missouri Court of Appeals.
Specialized Courts
There are also a number of specialized courts within the Missouri court system, which are divisions of the circuit courts. Specialized courts hear cases related to drug offenders, families, probate, juveniles and the estates of residents who are disabled or deceased.
The specialized court divisions are established by either a court ruling or an act of legislature. These courts are designed to handle matters that concern the citizens of Missouri in particular areas.
Now that you have a better understanding of the way the courts work in this state, you are ready to carry on with your search for Missouri court records.
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