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General Information About Maryland Court Records and Laws
The court system in the state of Maryland is unique in the fact that it does not contain a Supreme Court as in other states in this country. Instead, court cases in the state of Maryland go through district courts and circuit courts with appeals heard by the Court of Appeals, or in some cases by the Court of Special Appeals.
People somewhere are searching Maryland court records on an almost daily basis for some reason or another. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the best way to find the most accurate information.
The Best Way to Find Maryland Court Records
You may think that the best way to find information on Maryland court records is to use your regular search engine. Although search engines are usually a great way to find just about anything you need, when it comes to court records, other methods may prove to be more productive. Unfortunately, finding what you need this way is near impossible.
Another popular way to track down Maryland court records is to take a trip down to the local courthouse and fill out a request form for the records that you need. If you are granted access, you can begin searching through boxes of paperwork hoping to find the information that you need.
Going to the courthouse in person to search for Maryland court records is a direct and for the most part effective method. However, if the case that you need the records for took place in a county other than the one nearest to you, then you will have to do some traveling to find what you need.
Obtaining Accurate Information
In the state of Maryland, laws exist to make sure that the government remains open and members of the public are granted access to appropriate information and records. However, both federal and state laws provide exemptions serving a number of different needs, including personal privacy.
Although a great deal of information is available through Maryland court records, some information is restricted. All other records maintained by the courts in the state of Maryland are considered public record and may be subjected to copying and inspection by members of the public.
The information that is available from Maryland court records includes records on traffic, civil and criminal cases in the state. The data includes the name of the defendant in the case, the city and state where the case took place, the case number, the birthdates of those involved, the date the trial took place, the official charge and case disposition. In civil cases only, the plaintiff's name is also released.
All Maryland court records contained within the database originates in the county where the case was filed. Information that is maintained or that originates in the district court system and the circuit court in Baltimore City is submitted at the end of the day after court and will be available online at approximately that time.
Keep in mind as you search online for Maryland court records that the information that you find online is a reflection of the electronic record of presented cases and will not always reflect information found in the official case file.
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