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General Information About Maine Court Records and Laws
Maine court records are a rich source social and economic history, in addition to the benefits of having access to the actual legal content of these records. For example, the case records from the old Circuit Court of Common Pleas can show us much about the circumstances, concerns, occupations and daily lives of the citizens living in the state at that time.
The Benefits of Searching Maine Court Records
Specific information related to business practices, salaries, wages and other economic data can often be found within Maine court records. In addition, the investigation of a single term of court records can provide incredible insight into the lives of the state's residents during a particular time in a particular place in Maine.
The state archives maintain the different types of Maine court records, including case files and dockets, from all sixteen counties. These records have been accumulating for many, many years since 1636.
Court records typically include bound record volumes, bound docket volumes as well as case files, all of which include the actions of the court during each session or term of all courts at every level.
Before you begin your search for Maine court records, you need to become familiar with a few terms that you might come across along the way, such as:
·         Case file – the same docket number identifies all related material, including depositions and other evidence
·         Record volume – disposition and summary history of the court case
·         Docket volume – the appropriate term and court will provide an assigned docket number to each case
Throughout the years, there has not been an absolute uniformity in the docketing and filing practices of the court clerks responsible for the maintenance of Maine court records.
However, the decisions of the courts of general jurisdiction and inferior courts are not published in the collected volumes of Maine court records. Those decisions can be reviewed upon appeal by the Supreme Court. In addition, the decisions made by this court are binding.
 Fees and Services Related to Maine Court Records
If you need to search Maine court records, you should be prepared to pay a fee for a number of the service performed during such a search. For example, a certified copy with research included will cost you $15, while a plain copy with research will only cost you $7. A printer copy with no staff time committed to research is only 50₵, while just a photocopy will run you only 25₵.
In addition to paying for copies of Maine court records, if you require the assistance of court staff while performing your search, you will be responsible for the related fee. For example, research that takes less than fifteen minutes will only cost you $10, while research that takes fifteen to thirty minutes of a staff member's time will cost you $20. Keep in mind that the cost of any photocopies that you might need is not included in these prices.
Although the state's website is quite extensive and provides a great deal of information that is accessible to the public, docket or case information is not posted on the Maine website. If you need to review Maine court records pertaining to a specific case, you will need to contact the clerk's office of the court where that case was heard.
Maine Court Records
  • Legislation Records

    Legislative Information Office
    100 State House Station, Rm 121
    Augusta, ME 04333-0100
    p (207) 287-1692
    f (207) 287-1456
  • Statewide Court Records

    PO Box 4820
    Augusta, ME 041124112
    p (207) 822-0792
    f (207) 822-0781

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