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General Information About Kentucky Court Records and Laws
 The four-tiered court system in the state of Kentucky was created by the inclusion of the Judicial Article to the Kentucky Constitution in the mid-70s. Through that article, the Court of Justice was created as an independent government branch that is separate from the legislative and executive branches as well as from the city and county governments.
 Obtaining Kentucky Court Records
Locating Kentucky court records is not really a very difficult task. Thanks to the Right to Information Act, all Kentucky court records as well as birth, judicial and penal records are available to the public for review.
These days, obtaining Kentucky court records is easier than ever. In addition, you have a number of options available to find the records that you need. Your first option is to go down to the court and fill out a form to file a request for the records that you want. Another method is to send an email or formal letter to the court to request the information. Additionally, you can simply call the courthouse and ask for the records.
No matter which method you choose, you will have to make a specific request, pay a small fee and provide your own personal information for verification. The verification process can take a couple of days or longer. Only after your identity has been verified and your request is validated will you be able to gain access to the Kentucky court records that you seek.
Finally, the fastest and easiest way to obtain Kentucky court records is by searching for the information that you need over the Internet. Most of the courthouses in the state of Kentucky make their records available to the public through an online database.
Searching online has quickly become the best way to search for Kentucky court records because there is no waiting and no dealing with court employees to get the information that you need. Searching Kentucky court records online is easier than ever. In fact, it is possible to find the records that you need in only a matter of minutes.
Online court record databases are quick and so simple to use. All you need is some basic details about the person or case that you want to review and the search is done for you electronically. When you begin your search for Kentucky court records, it is a good idea to have a name, address and a date of birth if possible for the subject of the records that you seek. In addition, you will also need to know which courthouse in Kentucky has jurisdiction of the records so you know where to begin.
Around ninety percent of the cases heard in the state of Kentucky go through the state's district courts, including juvenile matters, misdemeanor offences, violation of county and city ordinance, traffic violations, preliminary hearings for felony cases to be tried in circuit court, probate of wills, as well as civil and small claims cases valued at $4,000 or less. In addition, district courts also handle cases related to involuntary as well as voluntary mental health commitments and cases of abuse and domestic violence.
Kentucky Court Records
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