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General Information About Indiana Court Records and Laws
 Communities in Indiana range from rural towns to major cities, so you can expect the court system in this state is flexible and extensive. Under the Indiana Administrative Rule 9, there is a strong supposition that works in favor of granting public access to all Indiana court records.
 Access Denied
Although most of the information related to Indiana court records is available, including pleadings, motions, orders, decisions, evidence, transcripts and docket information, Rule 9 also states that some records will not be made available to the public.
For example, you are not likely to be granted access to most adoption records, mental health and other medical records, tax records, records of juvenile proceedings, personal notes and emails by the judge or any records that reveal personal information of those involved in the case.
For detailed information related to the information that you are allowed to access through Indiana court records, see the Public Access to Court Records Handbook by the Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Administrative Rule 9 (G).
Any Indiana court records that contain information listed in Indiana Administrative Rule 9 is subject to closure by court order. In addition, anyone who may be affected by the release of certain information contained within Indiana court records can petition the court to prohibit public access to those records. However, in order for the court to order the records sealed, the person requesting the closure must provide clear and compelling evidence to the court supporting their claim.
In order to petition for Indiana court records to be sealed, the affected party must prove:
·         The interest of the public will be best served by closure of the record
·         Dissemination or access to the record will cause great risk of harm to the person filing the petition, another person or the public
·         The release of the information contained within the records may affect ongoing judicial proceedings
·         The information is listed under Rule 9
Before determining whether specific Indiana court records should be sealed, the court has to weigh the presented evidence against public interest. If the court does order the files closed, the reason for the closure must be made known.
If you find that the Indiana court records that you need to examine are sealed by court order, you have the option of filing a petition with the court that has jurisdiction over the record in question. However, you must be prepared to show that:
·         Extraordinary circumstances require aberration from the original court order
·         It is in the best interest of the public to grant access to the record
·         Access to the information contained within the record poses no significant risk to any persons or the public
·         The release of the information within the record will not have any effect on an ongoing legal matter
Because the court system in the state of Indiana is so complex, you may need to seek legal assistance if you want to challenge the court's ruling on access to specific Indiana court records.
 Where to Find Indiana Court Records
The state of Indiana is one of the few states that make their court records somewhat easy to access. In fact, most Indiana court records are available online, so you should begin your search there.
The court system in Indiana is divided into trial courts and appellate courts. If you are unable to find the Indiana court records that you are looking for online, and you know the court that has jurisdiction over the records you need, your next move should be paying a visit to that particular courthouse.
Indiana Court Records
  • Legislation Records

    State House
    200 W Washington, Room 301
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2789
    p (317) 232-9856
    f (317) 232-7257
  • Statewide Court Records

    Indiana Supreme Court
    30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    p (317) 232-2542
    f (317) 233-6586

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