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General Information About Hawaii Court Records and Laws
 The system within which Hawaii courts operate is totally integrated. Generally, forms, procedures and court rules are consistent throughout all jurisdictions with a central administrative office that assists with the supervision of statewide operations. State legislature funds the courts of Hawaii.
The court system in the state of Hawaii is separated into two different divisions. The federal court system administers justice related to federal laws, and the state court system consists of trial and appellate courts on a local level.
Each of the different courts in the Hawaii judicial system plays a key role in the handling of cases to ensure absolute justice. If you seek Hawaii court records, it is important to know which court has control over the records that you desire.
 District Courts
You may need to contact district courts for the Hawaii court records that you need. The district courthouses can be found in the rural areas of Hawaii. The district court has elite jurisdiction over:
·         Small claims cases that do not exceed $5,000
·         Ejectment proceedings, such as landlord-tenant, regard less of monetary amount
·         Traffic violations
·         Non-jury trial civil cases under $10,000
·         Summary possession
In addition, the district courts in Hawaii also have jurisdiction over civil cases that involve:
·         A debt, damages, value, etc. less than $25,000
·         a sought solution with a specific performance valued at less than $25,000
·         criminal offenses that are punishable by imprisonment of a year or less, or by paying a fine
·         cases that arise out of county ordinance violations
·         petitions for restraining orders against harassment
Circuit Courts
Circuit courts in the state of Hawaii hold jury trials, in addition, this court also has jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases. Circuit court also has exclusive jurisdiction over criminal felony cases, guardianship cases and probate cases, as well as civil cases that exceed $25,000. Hawaii court records pertaining to such cases should be sought through the circuit courts.
Concurrent jurisdiction in civil non-jury cases is shared with district courts when the amount in question is between $10,000 and $25,000. Additional cases heard by circuit courts include misdemeanor violations and mechanics' liens that are transferred for district courts for a jury trial.
 Family Courts
The Hawaii court records that you need may be found through family courts. Hawaii's family courts were created by statute in 1965 with the mission to offer an economical, speedy, accessible and fair forum for matters that involve children and families.
Legal matters heard by the family courts that involve children include:
·         abuse and neglect
·         adoption
·         delinquency
·         detention
·         guardianship
·         status offenses
·         termination of parental rights
Family court also handles case pertaining to domestic relations, such as:
·         child support
·         divorce
·         miscellaneous custody matters
·         paternity
·         uniform child custody jurisdiction cases
·         domestic violence cases, including civil restraining order requests by family members, abuse of family and members of household as well as felony charges against members of the same house
·         civil commitment cases
·         adult abuse cases
·         guardianship of adults
 The Intermediate Court of Appeals
The Intermediate Court of Appeals hears almost all appeals from the trial courts as well as some of the state agencies located in Hawaii. This court is made up of six judges who are divided into panels of three.
 The Supreme Court
In Hawaii, Supreme Court is a last resort. This branch of the judicial system hears appeals brought forth on the applications for transfer from the Intermediate Court of Appeals as well as applications for writs of certiorari to the Intermediate Court of Appeals.
In addition, the Supreme Court also hears:
·         certified questions of law from the federal courts
·         reserved questions of law from land court, circuit court and tax appeal court
·         applications for writs to judges and public officers
·         complaints related to elections
The Supreme Court in Hawaii also disciplines judges, makes rules of practice and procedure for all the courts in the state in addition to regulating, licensing and disciplining attorneys.
If you need to search Hawaii court records, it is important to have as many details regarding the case in question as possible. With such a vast and complex court system, the more knowledge you have ahead of time the easier it will be for you to find the Hawaii court records that you need.
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