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General Information About Connecticut Court Records and Laws
 The court system in the state of Connecticut consists of four courts, including appellate court, probate court, Supreme Court and superior court. Superior court is broken down into four separate divisions, including family, housing, juvenile and small claims.
If you need Connecticut court records, you are likely to have a number of questions related to obtaining those records.
 Frequently Asked Questions about Connecticut Court Records
May I order transcripts of court hearings?
Yes. You can make a request for a written transcript of any court proceeding in writing. Submit your written request to the office of the court reporter at the judicial district where the case took place. Please note that requests sent via email will not be accepted.
Your written request for hearing transcripts should include:
·         Case number or caption
·         Docket number
·         The name of the judge presiding over the case
·         Location where the case was heard
·         Date the case was heard
·         Requesters name, address and telephone number
·         A brief description of the proceeding, or section of the proceeding being requested; for example, the court's order, testimony of a specific witness, etc.
What is a "court file"?
The term court file refers to the official Connecticut court records, including all exhibits, pleadings, word-for-word testimony and orders from the trial. However, not every court file will contain all of the aforementioned information. Unless Connecticut court records have been sealed or the contents of the file rendered confidential by statute, member of the public have the right to view any court file.
What information is included in Connecticut court records pertaining to a motor vehicle or criminal matter?
The contents of this type of Connecticut court records depend on the nature of the charges, but may include:
·         Complaint and summons
·         Executed arrest warrant
·         Violation/infraction complaint
·         Original affidavit supporting probable cause
·         Uniform arrest report
·         Written plea of nolo contendere
·         Documents that relate to programs such as Youthful Offender, Alcohol Education Program, Accelerated Rehabilitation, Drug Education Program, Suspension of prosecution or determination of competency to stand trial and Family Violence Education Program
·         Judgment mittimus
·         Official receipts
·         Notice of rights
·         Transaction sheet
·         Orders regarding probation
What information is included in Connecticut court records related to family or civil matters?
The contents of Connecticut court records pertaining to family or civil cases depend on the allegations as well as the nature of the case, but may include:
·         Appearances, orders of notice and officers' return
·         Amendments, cross complaints and third-party complaints
·         Memorandum of decision
·         Executions issued and returned
·         Complaints, amendments to complaints, substituted complaints or amended complaints
·         Military or other affidavits
·         Responsive pleadings
·         Judgment file or notation of the entry of judgment as well as any modifications to the judgment
May I access Connecticut court records related to juvenile matters?
In general, no Connecticut court records pertaining to juvenile matter are open to the public. However, some exceptions do apply. For instance, the case record is available to the victim of the crime committed by the juvenile.
These are only a few of the most popular questions related to Connecticut court records. If you have more questions, contact the branch of the Connecticut judicial system where the case in question originally took place.
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