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Privacy Policy
For the purposes of quality control, the maintenance of the security and integrity of this website, as well as ensuring that our customers experience and receive the best standard of customer service possible, it is necessary for us to collect, store and process “personally identifiable information” or PII. In accordance with Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011, this disclaimer serves as notification as to fact that we collate and store personal information, as well as the reasons for it.

In addition, the following points must be made explicit:
  • Any and all PII that is collected by us will be kept for a period of time no longer than is strictly and absolutely necessary to perform and achieve the very reason as to why said PII was collated in the first instance. Upon the expiry of said timeframe, the data will then be destroyed.
  • Where we are required, for whatever reason, to exchange or pass your PII to a 3rd party, whether for commercial reasons or not, we will have a contract with said 3rd party to ensure that they uphold the requirements and standards of care specified and enshrined within the 2011 Act.
  • Any and all customers who have had contact with us and have had occasion to provide us with their PII will be permitted to make use of an “opt-out” scheme, whereby the nature of our usage of the data was for purposes not permissible under the 2011 Act. If a customer wishes to avail themselves to the provisions of the opt-out scheme, then they will also be given rights of access and rectification of the information in question, thereby permitting the person to have said data modified in part, or in full. The extent of such a right rests entirely at their discretion.
In the interests of streamlining the access and usage of our website(s), at present, we make use and rely upon “cookies” to store personal information which is uniquely identifiable to you, but which is not shared with any other 3rd party. Such information can range from the nature of your password, to the last order you entered when you last visited the site. However, cookies can be disabled, and if you are uncomfortable with their usage, you can either disable them within your internet browser, or contact us and we will disable them on your behalf.

We promise, under penalty of both the relevant civil and criminal penalties both at state and federal level, that we will never rent, exchange, dispose of or trade, whether in part or in full, any item of PII that you have duly provided us with at anytime to a 3rd party, and for any reason with our site without your express, and explicit consent whether in writing, or in an electronic message. The only exception to this unilateral condition is where said information is specifically required as part of a law enforcement initiative, whether arrest, prosecution etc, for the prevention and or detection of crime, or where fraud/crime has taken place.

From time to time, links to external websites or 3rd party service providers will be featured on and within our websites and communications sent by us to you. We will never share ANY PII with these 3rd party service providers or external websites without your express written consent. However, please be advised that we cannot, and will not, accept liability of any kind and seek to exclude it in so far as is permitted by the appropriate laws, absolutely and without qualification.

Every reasonable effort will and shall be taken to ensure that any and all PII you provide us with is protected and kept secure from unauthorized access, viewing and usage. In the interests of security, precise details of these safety measures of ensuring the integrity and security of your information cannot be readily divulged, however, encryption technology and restricted access to the content will be ensured.

There is no such thing as an invulnerable security system, and so the risk of your personal detail being compromised lies solely and exclusively with you. Only you can make a final determination as to whether the risk of your PII being compromised or otherwise interfered with, is worth the usage of the services.
As part of our strong commitment to ensuring that your PII is kept safe and secure, only the listed personnel will have access to the information:

  Independent contractors (who have signed a document outlining that they understand, abide by and fully accept the obligations imposed upon them with regards to the viewing and usage of said information

The three categories of persons outlined in the aforementioned paragraph will all be carefully vetted and trained, to ensure that they respect, understand and abide by the confidentiality and data protection requirements which have been clearly mandated by our company. In the event that you have cause to believe, or grounds to suspect that they may have either failed to achieve and sustain the standards required of them, or that they have wilfully breached them, then contact us.

For the purposes of security and network traffic control, it will be necessary for us to acquire and maintain information concerning your usage and access of the site, including, but not limited to, the likes of your IP address, subnet address and periods of activity. We reserve the right to use such internet access information to uniquely identify any person, where it is necessary to achieve any or all of the following aims:

  For the prevention, detection and foiling of fraudulent activities and criminality

  To assist with a government or judicial order/request

  Where it is necessary to do so, in the interests of preventing harm of injury or death, where there is reasonable grounds to assume such a situation has arisen, and that no other effective remedy which is more proportionate to the circumstances of the case are available and or practically reasonable in said circumstances of the case.

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